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Search Engine Rankings

The search engines are an extremely powerful advertising tool and anyone with a web site should try to ensure that their site stays near the top of the ranking for their chosen area of speciality.

But apparently just being in the top 10 for any particular search phrase is not quite enough these days as recent research has shown.

By using special equipment that can track people's eye movements they used a Google search engine results page to see which parts of the page the eye was drawn to. Not surprisingly the top left area of the screen had the greatest impact which meant in turn that the results shown on the page decreased in "visibility" according to where they were in the list.

  • Rank 1 - 100%
  • Rank 2 - 100%
  • Rank 3 - 100%
  • Rank 4 - 85%
  • Rank 5 - 60%
  • Rank 6 - 50%
  • Rank 7 - 50%
  • Rank 8 - 30%
  • Rank 9 - 30%
  • Rank 10 - 20%

Only 20% of viewers looked at the listing appearing at number 10 (which would involve scrolling down the page) which would effectively elliminate 80% of your potential customers, should you be the business listed at number 10.

Search Engine Optimization

Marx Web Design can creat a web site that is attractive to the search engines or we can review your web site with the aim of making it more visible to them.

Give us a call now to see what our low cost web design can do for your business.


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