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What your e-mail address says about you

A web hosting firm has recently undertaken some research regarding e-mail addresses.

Companies that take their image seriously will usually have their own web site, with its own domain name and one or more e-mail addresses based on the domain. The Bathroom Marquee, for example, has a domain name of and an e-mail address of (we've deliberately mis-spelt the email address on this occasion to avoid spammers picking up the address and adding it to their list).

If, however, the e-mail address was given as or some other free e-mail service, the survey found that 88% of potential customers would think that the firm is less trusworthy. Free e-mail accounts are fine for personal use but they do not lend any credibility to a business (in fact you are not supposed to use them for business).

Customers are turning to the internet much more frequently to try and establish the reputation of a potential supplier. If a firm is using a free e-mail address they are probably going to have no web site at all - they will hardly endear themselves to potential customers. Peoples expectations are now such that they will expect to see a website before making a purchase.

With the cost of domain registration being so low (less than 10) a firm could give themsleves a much needed image-boost simply by registering their own domain. Alternatively you could take out one of our Web Deal packages which includes domain registration and a catch-all e-mail address.

Low Cost Web Design and E-mail

Marx Web Design can provide you with a low cost website complete with your own domain name and e-mail address - see our Web Deal page for details. Your image will be instantly enhanced enabling you to provide potential customers with a professional looking site with plenty of relevant information to persade them to choose yor business.



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