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Web design and your marketing plan...

Marketing is a process of promoting your business with the aim of either :

a) winning new customers to increase your revenue
b) making existing customers spend more money with you

Fortunately the internet is a very good way of doing both (a) and (b)

A low cost web design from Marx will attempt to persuade customers to choose your business over your competitors, so we need to provide a reason for them to make that decision. Try and think of a unique feature of your business that we can design the web site around.

Strong corporate identity is also required to "persuade" customers that you are a professional, reputable outfit, and a well designed company logo can go a long way in achieving this. We can provide you with a logo based on one of our templates or design a custom logo from scratch.

Once the site is completed you need to tell all and sundry about your new web design - there is no point in paying for a web design and then doing nothing with it. Add your web address to your business cards, letterheads, company vehicles, promotional leaflets, telephone directories etc. Let the local press know you've got a new web site, you never know they might be short of news and want to do a feature on you. Suppliers sometimes have special sections of their web sites that you can add your details to - this is very important in ensuring your web site gets a good ranking on the search engines.


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